Tuticorin Customs - Standing Order

Standing Order - 2022

Standing Order 01-2022 - Recalling of RMS facilitated Bills of Entry by Appraising Group without any reasons recorded in the ICES System.


Standing Order - 2021

Standing Order 03-2021 - Forwarding of samples using Electronic Test Memo to CRCL and Other Revenue Laboratories.

Standing Order 02-2021 - Recall of Assessed/RMS facilitated Bills of Entry for Goods under CTH 2710 application of                                                            Notification No.190/78 Cus.

Standing Order 01-2021 -  Expediting Customs Clearances for Covid 19 Related Imports.


04/2019 dated 30.09.2019 Export of ONION PROHIBIED
03/2019 dated 26.08.2019 Export of Spices and Spice Products - Procedures to be followed - reg. List of Spices || Mandatory Test for Export.
02/2019 dated 17.05.2019 Attention of all officers and concerned staff is invited to the CBIC Circular No.13/2018 - Customs dated 30.05.2018 regarding stuffing and sealing of reefer containers.
01/2019 dated 09.04.2019 Facility Intimation No.02/2019 - Examination by SIIB-reg
11/2018 dated 26.10.2018 Observations and concerns regarding electronic seals used on Export containers-reg
10/2018 dated 02.08.2018 Furnishing of appropriate Rotation No in the Gate Pass
09/2018 dated 27.07.2018 Introduction of CRCL Test Module in ICES 1.5- Reg
08/2018 dated 17.07.2018 Filing of EGM and issue of order permitting departure of vessel - procedure to be followed - Reg || Corrigendum to Standing Order.
07/2018 dated 14.06.2018 Filing of EGM - Compliance of the provision.
06/2018 dated 04.06.2018 Constitution of the " Complaints Committee" to prevent Sexual Harassment of Women Employees -Annexure A
05/2018 dated 28.05.2018 Procedure for dealing with import laden containers at Docks - Reg
03/2018 dated 20.04.2018 Standard Operating Procedure consequent to commencement of " Scanning of Export Containers " - Reg
02/2018 dated 18.04.2018 Early Settlement of Disputes by availing the window of the Settlement Commission
01/2018 dated 28.03.2018 Working days on 29.03.2018, 30.03.2018 & 31.03.2018 - reg
06/2017 dated 12/12/2017 Drawing of samples for the purpose of grant of drawback - Reg.
05/2017 dated 11/08/2017 Customs - Linkage between CSM application and B.E module of ICES -Reg English & Hindi
04/2017 dated 07/08/2017 Request of the CFS's , ICD, Custodian & Trade-Formation of Mobile Team-Sector wise distribution and allotment of work -issue of Facility Intimation -Reg English & Hindi
03/2017 dated 07/07/2017 Disposal of goods under section 48 of the Customs Act,1962 -Reg English & Hindi
02/2017 dated 27/06/2017 Implementation of GST in Customs - Changes in BE/SB Declaration- reg
01/2017 dated 12/06/2017 Exemption from drawal of samples for the purpose of grant of drawback to the AEO certificate holders - reg
03/2016 dated 27/07/2016 Implementation of Sevottam in Custom Commissionerate
02/2016 dated 17/03/2016 Modification in the constitution of Headquarters Valuation Committee to decide disputed cases of valuation of Export/Import cargo to facilitate speedy clearance of such cargo
01/2016 dated 13/01/2016 Timely cancellation of Bond executed with Customs in Advance Authorisation cases
03/2015 dated 04/09/2015 Review of E.P. Scheme Targets in RMS/Revised Role of OCC OFFICER
02/2015 dated 14/12/2015 Facilitation Cell for 24 X 7 Customs clearance for such imported relief materials