• 1.For how many days the Shipping Bill is valid in the system?

    The Shipping Bill is valid for 15 days from the date of submission.

  • 2.When are the Annexure-C details to be submitted ?

    Annexure-C can be submitted at the time of data-entry at service centre or at the time of good registration to the examiner.

  • 3.What to do if a port code is not available in the system?

    Check the port code at the web site www.unece.org/cefact/locode/service/ Or use the nearest port code and append that code with 'X'.

  • 4.What to do if Importer Exporter Code is not available?

    Check the IEC status from website http://dgft.delhi.nic.in and if the status shows that the data is transferred to customs contact Systems Manager otherwise contact DGFT.

  • 5.Can a Shipping Bill be amended after submission at service centre?

    Yes, furnish amendment details in Annexture-G and get it submitted in the service centre. But these amendments have to be approved by Asst. Commissioner(export).

  • 6.Is it possible to amend the Shipping Bill after taking Let Export Order (LEO)?

    Yes, submit all the generated hard copies of Shipping Bill to A.O(Docks) and furnish the amendment details in Annexture-G

    • 1. If the amendments are required in gross weight, net weight, AR4 details or Quota details, the same will be carried out by the Asst./Dy. Commissioner (Exp) and reprint permission will be given.
    • 2. For all the other amendments, permission of the Addl./Joint Commissioner is required. Once permission is granted, the LEO is to be cancelled by the Asst./Dy. Commissioner in the system and then general amendment procedure is to be followed.


  • 7.Is it possible to amend the Shipping Bill after filing of EGM?

    No amendments are allowed once EGM is submitted.

  • 8.How to change Rotation no./Vessel name in a Shipping Bill?

    If the stuffing report is not fed by the Preventive Supdt. /Officer, he may be approached for the change in rotation no. Otherwise Asst./Dy. Commissioner may be requested for the same with the reasons.

  • 9.Can a reprint of Shipping Bill be taken?.

    Reprint of Shipping Bills are not ordinarily allowed. However, the permission may be granted by the Asst./Dy. Commissioner in case of system/printer failures

  • 10.What will happen if the shipping bill documents are lost?

    No duplicate print out of Shipping bill will be generated. However, a certificate will be issued by the customs stating that 'let export order' has been allowed on the system. (Refer PN 50/99).

  • 11.What will happen if the cess amount increases after amendments?

    RA TR-6 Challan for the differential amount can be collected from the service center and the payment can be made at the designated bank.

  • 12.What are precautions to be taken if the LEO is taken part-wise on checklist?

    Ensure that the Shipping Bill is regularised in the system and LEO is granted before sailing of the Vessel. Once the vessel sailing date is fed into the system, no registration of goods is not possible.

  • 13.In case of third party exports, who is to be declared in the column of Exporter and who is to be in the column of Third party exporter?

    Legally, the purchase order holder is to raise invoice for the goods under exporter and thereby becomes the exporter. The shipper/manufacturer of the goods will have to be declared as Third Party exporter.