Tuticorin Customs - Public Notice - 2018


02/2019 Dated 04.03.2019 Conduct of online examination under Regulation 6 of Customs Broker Licensing Regulations,2018 by tha National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes and Narcotics (NACIN), Faridabad- reg.
01/2019 Dated 03.02.2019 Mandatory declaration of standard UQC in bills of entry - reg.
33/2018 Dated 02.01.2018 Implementation of e SANCHIT IN EXPORTS - reg.
32/2018 Dated 28.12.2018 AEO Programme digitizion- Ease of doing business -Development of web -based application for AEO-T1 - reg.
31/2018 Dated 24.12.2018 Customs - Customs Brokers licensing Regulation, 2018 - Customs Brokers Examination Under Regulation 6 Of The CBLR,2018- to be conducted by DGICCE,New Delhi for the year 2018- Instruction received from Central Board Of Indirect Taxes and Customs- Communication of - regarding.
30/2018 Dated 29.11.2018 Document Management System-Scanning Of Import and Export Documents-Clarification-reg.
29/2018 Dated 01.11.2018 Sea Cargo Mainfest and Transhipment Regulation, 2018-reg
28/2018 Dated 29.10.2018 Sea Cargo Manifest and Transhipment Regulation, 2018-reg
27/2018 Dated 26.10.2018 Observation and Concerns regarding electronic seal used on Export Containers -reg
26/2018 Dated 08.10.2018 Electronic Sealing _ Deposit in and removal of goods from Customs Bonded Warehouses
25/2018 Dated 18.09.2018 .Customs Brokers Licensing Regulation, 2018 - Customs Broker Examination under Regulation 6 of the CBLR - to be conducted by DGICCE, New Delhi for the year 2018 -Designated as Central Public Information Officer (CPIO), Custom House , Tuticorin.
23/2018 Dated 03.08.2018 The Office of the Commissioner of Customs,CH , Tuticorin are designated as CAPIO, CPIO & Appellate Authority with effect from 03.08.2018 & until further order
22/2018 Dated 26.07.2018 AEO Cell - Nomination of Client Relationship Manager in Custom House, Tuticorin - reg
21/2018 Dated 19.07.2018 Commencement of "Direct Port Entry" and "Document Processing Zone" in the Truck Parking Terminal for Export of Containersed Cargo - Reg
20/2018 Dated 06.07.2018 Standard Operating Procedure consequent to commencement of "Direct Port Entry" & "Document Processing Zone" in the Truck Parking Termilnal for Export of Containerised cargo..
19/2018 Dated 04.07.2018 Customs Broker Examination under CBLR 2013 - Intimation of the schedule of Oral Examination - Reg  Annexure.
18/2018 Dated 18.06.2018 Empanelment of Chartered Engineers for Examination/Valuation of Second Hand Machinery / Goods etc. - Reg
17/2018 Dated 14.06.2018 Filing of EGM - Compliance of the provision of Section 41 of the Customs Act, 1962 -Reg
16/2018 Dated 04.06.2018 Creation of an AEO Cell/nomination of Client Relationship manager in Custom House-Tuticoin.
15/2018 Dated 16.05.2018 Change of Name of the CFS - M/s Continental Container Freight Station to M/s Kerry Indev Logistics - Reg
14/2018 Dated 20.04.2018 Commencement of " Scanning of Export Containers " - Reg
13/2018 Dated 19.04.2018 Inviting of Application for empanelment of Chartered Engineers for Examination / Valuation of Second Hand Machinery/ Goods etc,. - : Application for empanelment in Tuticorin CH as Chartered Engineer.
12/2018 Dated 18.04.2018 Early Settlement of Disputes by availing the window of the Settlement Commission - Reg
11/2018 Dated 09.04.2018 M/s dakshin Bharat Gateway Terminal pvt.Ltd. - Approval of Additional are as Customs Area under Section 8 (b) of the Customs Act, 1962 - Reg
10/2018 Dated 06.04.2018 Implementing Electronic Sealing of containers by Exporters - Reg
09/2018 Dated 05.04.2018

Non- receipt of Export remittance data from EDPMS developed by RBI - Reg

i. Short receipt Shipping Bills pertaining to the Period 2013-14 - CH

ii. Short receipt Shipping Bills pertaining to the Period 2013-14 - ICD

iii. Non-realisation Shipping Bills pertaining to the Period 2013-14 - CH

iv. Non-realisation Shipping Bills pertaining to the Period 2013-14 - ICD

v. Non-realisation Shipping Bills pertaining to the Period 2014-16 - CH

vi. Non-realisation Shipping Bills pertaining to the Period 2014-16 - ICD


08/2018 Dated 15.03.2018 Stay Order issued by the Hon'ble High Court, Madurai on the Suspension of Custodianship granted to M/s Hari & Co.CFS Continuation of Operations of CFS.
07/2018 Dated 14.03.2018 Non- receipt of Export remittance data from EDPMS developed by RBI
06/2018 Dated 12.03.2018 Creation of an AEO Cell in Custom House , Tuticorin
05/2018 Dated 05.03.2018 Suspension of M/s Hari & Co., CFS , Tuticorin under the provisions of Regulation 11(2) of HCCAR '2009.
04/2018 Dated 01.03.2018 Implementing Electronic Sealing of Containers by Exporters
03/2018 Dated 01.03.2018 Extending e-SANCHIT Facility to Tuticorin Customs House - Procedure for uploading of Documents.
02/2018 Dated 29.01.2018 Export Policy of Onions - Imposition of Minimum Export Price (MEP)
01/2018 Dated 18.01.2018 Declaration of Container Freight Station Set Up by M/s. Prompt Terminals (P) Ltd., Tuticorin.