Tuticorin Customs - Public Notice - 2016

55/2016 Date 15.12.2016

Designated as CAPIO, CPIO and Appellate Autority with effect from 18.11.2016

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54/2016 Date 30.11.2016 Abolition of Mate receipt
53/2016 Date 29.11.2016 Clearance of import of metal scrap -Procedure
52/2016 Date 29.11.2016 Reducing/eliminating printouts in Customs Clearance
51/2016 Date 29.11.2016 Further rationalization of revised simplified procedure for fixation of brand rates
50/2016 Date 23.11.2016 Export of Beach Sand Minerals
49/2016 Date 18.11.2016 All Industry Rates of Drawback and other Drawback related changes
48/2016 Date 18.11.2016 Deferred payment of Customs duty
47/2016 Date 10.11.2016 Transferability of goods imported/procured by debiting duty in SFIS scrips
46/2016 Date 10.11.2016 Clearance of import of metal scrap - Procedure
45/2016 Date 04.11.2016 Examination / Inspection of goods under import without Delivery Order
44/2016 Date 01.11.2016 Procedure for transhipment of imported goods to SEZ Units
43/2016 Dated 27.09.2016 Working on Sunday, 2nd October'2016
42/2016 Dated 30 .09.2016 The oral examination for 'G' card
41/2016 Dated 26.09.2016 Courier bond executed CCSPs-Reg
40/2016 Dated 23.09.2016 Guidelines on safety and security of premises where imported or export goods are loaded, unloaded, handled or stored Reg.
39/2016 Dated 22.09.2016 Revised Guidelines for disposal of confiscated Goods
38/2016 Dated 22.09.2016 Admissibility of un-utilized cenvat credit of DTA unit converted into EOU
37/2016 Dated 14.09.2016 Review of entity based facilitation programme viz Accredited Client Programme (ACP) and Authorized Economic Operator Programme- Revised Guidelines
36/2016 Dated 09.09.2016 Special Advance Authorization under para 4.04A of FTP 2015-20 in combination with All Industry Rates(AIRs) of Duty Drawback
35/2016 Dated 08.09.2016 Boarding and rummaging of vessels
34/2016 Dated 08.09.2016 Guidelines regarding Provisional Assessment under section 18 of the Custom Act,1962
33/2016 Dated 24.08.2016 Promotion of AEO Scheme to increase facilitation level
32/2016 Dated 09.08.2016 Assessment of Bulk Liquid Cargo
31/2016 Dated 08.08.2016 Valuation of second hand machinery in Custom House, Tuticorin
30/2016 Dated 28.07.2016 Non-Payment of VAT by the Cement importers
29/2016 Dated 27.07.2016 Implementation of Sevottam in Custom Commissionerate
28/2016 Dated 15.07.2016 Amendment to Chapter IX of the Customs Act, 1962 - Cmpliance if existing Public Bonded Warehouse, Private bonded warehouse licenses
27/2016 Dated 08.07.2016 Customs Brokers Examination conducted on 28.01.2016 under regulation of the CBLR ,2013 - Intimation of the Schedule of Oral Examination
26/2016 Dated 29.06.2016 Amendment to this office Public Notice No. 05/2016 dated 01.03.2016
25/2016 Dated 29.06.2016 Single Window Project - Simplification of procedure in SWIFT for clearance of consignments related to drugs & cosmetics
24/2016 Dated 22.06.2016 Indirect Tax Dispute Resolution Scheme Rules, 2016
01/2016 Dated 01.02.2016 System Alert for monitoring of export proceeds in EDI under the BRC Module
02/2016 Dated 03.02.2016 EU - Regulation imposing special condition governing import of Capsicum annuum and Nutmeg into EU from India
03/2016 Dated 19.02.2016 Extending the Indian Customs Single Window to other locations and other Participating Government Agencies
04/2016 Dated 19.02.2016 Introduction of facility of payment of rebate / refund claims amount directly to the assessee's / exporter's Bank Account
05/2016 Dated 01.03.2016 Issue / Renewal of Steamer Agents / Shipping Agency Registration
06/2016 Dated 16.03.2016 Designated as CPIO , CAPIO and Appellate Authority
07/2016 Dated 17.03.2016 Putting of Customs Seals by Customs Officers on Import Containers
08/2016 Dated 17.03.2016 Putting of Customs Seals - Procedure for affixing Customs One Time Bottle Seal on Containers
09/2016 Dated 30.03.2016 Clearance of Livestock and Livestock Products
10/2016 Dated 30.03.2016 Issue of Indian Currency Note - Foreign going Vessel - Instructions
11/2016 Dated 30.03.2016 Implementing Integrated Declaration under the Indian Customs Single Window
12/2016 Dated 30.03.2016 Effective Utilization of Twitter Handle for Taxpayer Service
13/2016 Dated 31.03.2016 Designated as CPIO , CAPIO and Appellate Authority
14/2016 Dated 31.03.2016 Valuation of Second Hand Machinery
15/2016 Dated 06.04.2016 Measures taken for improving ease of doing business under Make in India
16/2016 Dated 15.04.2016 Creation of Zonal Office of Directorate General of Tax Payer Services(DGTS) at Chennai
17/2016 Dated 11.05.2016 Relaxation of Know Your Customer (KYC) norms
18/2016 Dated 26.05.2016 Declaration of Export Examination shed converted from Bonded Warehouse for handling of Export cargo at M/s St. John ICD Tuticorin
19/2016 Dated 07.06.2016 Amendment to Chapter IX of the Customs Act, 1962 - Bond required to be filed under section 59
20/2016 Dated 09.06.2016 Guide to Travellers - Mobile apps launched
21/2016 Dated 09.06.2016 Issuance of Gate Pass under CODEX (Container Digital Exchange) for movement of export containerised cargo from CFSs/ICD to VOC Port
22/2016 Dated 27.07.2016 Streamlining of procedures and practices related to the Customs Brokers to align them with the CBLR,2013 and other existing instructions
23/2016 Dated 09.06.2016 Enrolling of Customs Broker with the recognised Customs Broker Association under Regulation 24 of CBLR 2013