Tuticorin Customs - FACLITY INTIMATION

01/2013 dated.01/03/2013 Functioning of Custom House, Tuticorin / St. John ICD on all Satudays/Sundays of Mar'2013 - reg.
02/2013 dated.28/02/2013 Customs - Installation of weigh bridges at ICD/all CFSs - reg.
03/2013 dated.21/03/2013 Customs - Opening of Offices during last week of Mar'2013 - reg.
04/2013 dated.28/03/2013 Container Freight Station of M/s SEC Services Ltd - Shifting of new premises of Customs Area - reg.
05/2013 dated.30/04/2013 Container Freight Station of M/s Diamond CFS Park, Tuticorin - Inclusion of addl. area of 1.80 Acre for storage of container - reg.
06/2013 dated.05/06/2013 Procedure for transhipment of timber logs imported through Tuticorin port to St. John ICD - reg.
07/2013 dated.06/06/2013 Customs - Declaration of M/s Hari & Co., CFS - Tuticorin - Change in Approved Landing and Unloading Place - reg.
08/2013 dated.06/06/2013 Customs - Participation in Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) Programme by Trade and Industry - soliciting of application - reg.
09/2013 dated03/07/2013 Streamlining of work flow of Customs Brokers and concerned persons - Compliance of requirement at Custom House/ICD/CFS-reg.
10/2013 dated.04/09/2013 Valuation of Second Hand Machinery at Tuticorin Customs Commissionerate - Empanelment of Chartered Engineers - reg.
11/2013 dated 23/10/2013 Customs - Drawback - Clearance of pending Drawback claims
12/2013 dated.04/09/2013 Customs - List of Pre Shipment Inspection Agencies (PSIA) as per DGFT Notifications for certification of Import of any form of Metalic Waste & Scrap and Waste Paper- reg.
13/2013 dated 12/12/2013 Faclity Intimation of 13/2013
14/2013 dated 23/10/2013 Facility Intimation No 14/2013 Dated 19.12.2013