Tuticorin Customs - Public Notice - 2017

48/2017 dated 26.12.2017 Custom Brokers Licensing Regulation, 2013 - Form G Examination (Written & Oral Examinations) under Regulation 17(3) of CBLR, 2013 for the year 2018.
47/2017 dated 26.12.2017 Implementing Electronic Sealing of Containers by Exporters -Reg
46/2017 dated 15.12.2017 Implementing Electronic Sealing of Containers by Exporters -Reg
45/2017 dated 07.12.2017 Drawing of samples for the purpose of grant of drawback - Reg.
44/2017 dated 30.11.2017 Procedure for obtaining self sealing permission for electronic sealing of containerized cargo at factory or warehouse premises
43/2017 dated 22.11.2017 Implementing Electronic Sealing for Containers by exporters under self-sealing procedure.
42/2017 dated 13.11.2017 Designated as CAPIO, CPIO and Appellate Autority with effect from 13.11.2017
41/2017 dated 13.11.2017 Refunds of IGST paid on export of goods under Rule 96 of CGST Rules, 2017 - Reg.
40/2017 dated 31.10.2017 Amendment to Customs Valuation Rules - Notification No.91/2017 (NT) dated 26.09.2017- Reg
39/2017 dated 31.10.2017 Discrepancies in filing and closure of EGM- Reg
38/2017 dated 27.10.2017 Valuation of Second hand Machinery - Reg
37/2017 dated 27.10.2017 Bonds - Submission of Monthly Statements of Warehoused goods -Reg
36/2017 dated 25.10.2017 Implementing Electronic Sealing for Containers by exporters under Self-Sealing procedure prescribed by Circular No.26/2017 -Cus. Dated 1st July,2017.
35/2017 dated 23.10.2017 Implementation of Document management System at Container Freight Stations/ Inland Container Depot which are coming under the jurisdiction of Custom House.
34/2017 dated 13.10.2017 Implementing Electronic Sealing for Containers by exporters under Self- Sealing procedure prescribed by Circular 26/2017-Cus. Dated 1st July,2017 & Circular 36/2017 dated 28th August,2017 - Reg
33/2017 dated 09.10.2017 The Customs & Central Excise Duties Drawback Rules, 2017 & All Industry Rates (AIRs) of Drawback related changes - Reg
32/2017 dated 18.09.2017 Customs - Valuation of Second Hand Machinery - Reg
31/2017 dated 16.08.2017 Continuation of Pre- GST rate of Rebate of State levies (RoSL) for transition period of three months i.e. 01.07.2017 to 30.09.2017 for Export of Garments and Textile made-up articles. -Reg
30/2017 dated 03.08.2017 Clarification regarding exports under claim for drawback in the GST scenario
29/2017 dated 01.08.2017 Designated as CAPIO, CPIO and Appellate Autority with effect from 01.08.2017
28/2017 dated 31.07.2017 Extending the Single Window Interface for facilitation of Trade (SWIFT) in Exports with WCCB to all EDI location
27/2017 dated 04.07.2017 Export procedure and sealing of containerized cargo -reg Annexure
26/2017 dated 04.07.2017 Fixing of Brand Rate of drawback under Rule 6 & Rule 7 of the Customs, Central Excise Duties & Service Tax Drawback Rule, 1955 in the GST scenario -reg
25/2017 dated 04.07.2017 Duty Drawback for supplies made by DTA units to Special Economic Zones in the GST scenario -Reg
24/2017 dated 04.07.2017 Amendments effective from 01.07.2017 to the All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback related changes.
23/2017 dated 04.07.2017 Drawback of Integrated Tax & Compensation cess paid on imported goods upon re-export under Sec.74 of the Customs Act,1962-reg
22/2017 dated 28.06.2017 Designated as CAPIO, CPIO and Appellate Autority
21/2017 dated 27.06.2017 Implementation of GST in Customs - Changes in BE/SB Declaration-Reg
20/2017 dated 20.06.2017 GST roll out and preparations thereof
19/2017 dated 20.06.2017 Facility for Online Generation of Rotation Number by Shipping Line / Agents.
18/2017 dated 20.06.2017 Customs Broker examination under CBLR 2013 - Intimation of the Schedule of Oral Examination.
17/2017 dated 20.06.2017 ICES Advisory 009/2017 (GST) - Implementation of revamped module for manual filing and processing of Bills of Entry ( MAN BEs) / Shipping Bills (MAN SBs)
16/2017 dated 14.06.2017 ICES Advisory 008/2017 (GST) - Alignment of State Codes of ICES with GSTN - Implementation of changes in ICES- reg
15/2017 dated 12.06.2017 Exemption from drawal of samples for the purpose of grant of drawback to the AEO certificate holders - reg
14/2017 dated 23.05.2017 Financial dealing with authorised CHA/Importers/Exporters -reg
13/2017 dated 16.05.2017 Signature of Customs Officials on the final print out of the Bill of entry -reg
12/2017 dated 16.05.2017 Declaration of Container Freight Station set up by M/s. ALS Titicorin Terminal (P) Ltd.,
11/2017 dated 09.05.2017 Guidelines on storage of imported cotton in V.O.C. Chidambaranar Port Trust by International Traders -reg
10/2017 dated 17.05.2017 Direct Port Delivery of Import laden containers of AEO clients procedure to be followed -reg
09/2017 dated 01.04.2017 Valuation of Second hand machinery/goods -services of panel of Chartered Engineers -reg
08/2017 dated 21.03.2017 Implementation of Sevottam in Customs Commissionerate- Tuticorin
07/2017 dated 06.03.2017 Customs - Drawback/ROSL-Implementation of Rebate of State Levies (ROSL) Scheme
06/2017 dated 06.03.2017 Expansion of 24*7 customs clearance and clarification of levy of MOT charges in CFSs attached to 24*7 port
05/2017 dated 05.03.2017 Acceptance of e-BRC of DGFT towards proof of realization of sale proceeds for exports with LEO date upto 31.03.2014 under drawback scheme-reg.
04/2017 dated 05.03.2017 Exemption from drawal of samples for the purpose of grant drawback to the AEO certificate holders-reg.
03/2017 dated 25.01.2017 Working on Thursday,26th January 2017
02/2017 dated 24.01.2017 Amendment effective from 15.01.2017 to the All Industry rates of Duty Drawback
01/2017 dated 10.01.2017 Extending the Single Window Interface for Facilitation of Trade (SWIFT) to Exports