Tuticorin Customs - Public Notice - 2007

23/2007 dated.27.12.2007 Drawback Schedule, 2007-08 - increase in drawback rates with retrospective effect from 1.4.2007 - exemption from filing supplementary claims
22/2007 dated.26.12.2007 Implementation of RMS at ICD, Tuticorin
21/2007 dated.26.12.2007 Procedure for E-Payment of Customs Duties under the Indian Customs EDI system – (ICES) Imports at Tuticorin Customs House and Tuticorin ICD
20/2007 dated.13.12.2007 Re designation of Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) and Central Assistant Public Information Officer (CAPIO) Appellate Authority under the provisions of RTI Act 2005 for jurisdiction of Customs (Prev) Commissionerate, Custom House, Tuticorin
19/2007 dated.25.11.2007 Communicating Board’s Circular
18/2007 dated.14.11.2007 Communicating Board’s Circular
17/2007 dated.05.11.2007 Second Amendment to Public Notice 14/2007
16/2007 dated.25.10.2007 Communicating Board’s Circular
15/2007 dated.08.10.2007 Amendment to Public Notice 14/2007
14/2007 dated.28.09.2007 Introduction of RMS at Custom House, Tuticorin
13/2007 dated.03.09.2007 Communicating Board’s Circular
12/2007 dated.03.09.2007 Communicating Board Circular
11/2007 dated.03.09.2007 Communicating Board Circular
10/2007 dated.21.08.2007 Communicating Board Circular
09/2007  dated. .06.2007 Communicating Board Circular
08/2007 dated.. .05.2007 Communicating Board Circular
07/2007 dated.23.03.2007 Dispensing with verification of DEPB Licence in the light of Electronic transmission of Shipping Bills and DEPB Licences at Custom House, Tuticorin and Inland Container Depot, Tuticorin
06/2007 dated.23.03.2007 Communicating Board Circular
05/2007 dated.28.02.2007 Communicating Board Circular
04/2007 dated.02.02.2007 Communicating Board Circular
03/2007 dated.25.01.2007 Communicating Board Circular
02/2007 dated.10.01.2007 Communicating Board Circular
01/2007 dated.08.01.2007 Communicating Board Circular