Facility Intimation 2022

FI-03 dated 28.09.2022:  Standard Operation Procedure for Drawl of Rice Sample in Export Consignments.

FI-03 dated 05.08.2022: It is here declared that " M/s.Sans CFS Limited (formerly known as M/s. Sanco Trans Limited)" shall be operational with effect from 05.08.2022 

FI-02 dated 17.02.2022:Customs-Indian Customs EDI Systems (ICES) version 1.5 Intimation of change Custodian(CFS)-regarding.

FI-01 dated 01.02.2022: Budget Updation 2022-23 Advisory No.01/2022 dated 31.01.2022 issued by DG Systems,ICES.